Monday, November 14, 2011

Georgia on my mind...

I have to mention that Georgia has some beautiful camp grounds, we really enjoyed the view of the lakes and tall pines. Not crowded, very peaceful and serene. Some good bike riding as well. 

So we tried a series of shows during September/October, starting with Marietta Art in the Park, located in the town center, surrounded by quaint little shops and restaurants. We found a great little Irish Pub with the best Guinness on tap! So creamy... so good! This was supposed to be a three-day show, over Labor Day weekend but Monday was forcast 100% rain. Needless to say, we packed up Sunday night. But we managed to get in a good two days, which was fine with us.  Monday was an absolute down poor, with tornado warnings to boot. A little nerve racking when your in a trailer.

The other show we really enjoyed was Art in the Heart of Augusta.  The previous year was held in an empty parking lot with no shade and was unbearably HOT.  People were literally dropping from heat exhaustion. This year they moved the venue location one block over under shade trees in a business district which was a major improvement and made a significant difference in our sales. It was perfect weather, just a little on the cool side, people were in the mood to buy.

The artists parking was conveniently located in the medium behind our booths... which compels me to share a story, quite funny from our perspective. However, the artist involved (who shall remain nameless) may not think so!  I think for the most part, this story is accurate, although some minor details may need adjusting.  As most of us have done at one time or another, one of our artist friends decided to change in the back of his van, closing the door for privacy. Not realizing that the door had a child safety lock... with no way to unlock the door from the inside. To compound the problem, the front of the van was completely blocked off with a mesh grid he put in for safety, so he had no way of getting through that way. He didn't have his cell phone, his only option was to yell for HELP through a winged side window, with his fingers sticking out - hoping to attract someone's attention. Meanwhile, his wife was busy attending the booth and thought nothing of his absence, thinking that he was probably shooting the bull with a fellow artist.  After an hour or so and several desperate attempts, he finally got the attention of a female artist within earshot, but she was very hesitant to go near the van, thinking the whole situation looked a bit strange.  She decided to alert someone else to check it out just to be safe.  Some one finally came to his rescue and he was released from his cage.  We all had a good belly laugh over it at dinner that night!  I think he may regret ever sharing this story with us. Now when ever we see him, we do a ten-finger wave below the chin with a lude gesture on our faces.

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