Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Tess Wins First Place Ribbon

What a way to end the year! We did our last show of the year in Englewood, FL.  A pleasant little fishing community on the lower west end of Florida. This was the first time we've shown here, so we were both happy to get a positive response - both in sales and recognition.  Bill sold a few nice large prints with his signature hand-made distressed frames, and Tess won first place in Glass category for her "Blue Clematis" mosaic.  It has won a few awards and has been a great showpiece, but has yet to catch the eye of a serious buyer.   The glass is mounted to a solid piece of 3' x 3' pine about 1.5" thick... hence the weight. Yes, it's still for sale and price is negotiable... any body interest, please contact me.

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